EchoQuake™ Detects Earthquakes Before They Happen

The EchoQuake device is a compact unit that sits in your house next to the router and utilizes your home’s WiFi to connect to the EchoQuake network.

EchoQuake Earthquake Early Warning Device
Earthquake Waves

When an earthquake occurs, two major waves of energy are released: S-waves and P-waves. The S-wave is a slow moving wave of energy that passes through the rocks and the surrounding geology. This is the wave that causes all the shaking and damage during an earthquake. The P-wave is a faster moving wave of energy, and is undetectable by humans, but can be tracked by early warning systems.

Once this P-wave has been detected, a warning can be sent out with a countdown to when the shaking will start. This warning can give enough time to prepare by moving outside, to a safer area of a building, or pulling off the side of a road. Within businesses, an early warning could be enough time to stop dangerous activities such as surgeries in hospitals, operating trains and power plants to name a few.

Count Down Warning
Echoquake Network

The EchoQuake device utilizes top of the line accelerometers that listen for P-waves released from an incoming earthquake. When it detects one of these P-waves, it will automatically check with the rest of the EchoQuake network to see if other units are detecting the same thing. This utilization of the EchoQuake network helps reduce the false positives that can occur with stand alone detectors.