Introducing the Mobile App for EchoQuake™

Designed to assist you in finding and keeping your family safe, both during and after an earthquake.

Emergency Plan

Family Emergency Plan

Prepare your family’s plan for the earthquake aftermath.


Earthquake Detection Warning

Alert and countdown prior to an earthquake.

Family Finder

Family Finder

Connecting your family after the destruction.


Safety Handbook

Resources and tips for safety and first aid.

EchoQuake app for mobile phones

Family Emergency Plan

The Family Finder™ App will help your family prepare for an earthquake before it happens. The app will guide you through building out your family’s emergency plan. You will start by picking an emergency meet up location. This is a location your family will gather at after an earthquake. This locations is shared among your family members and will be available for access even if the mobile networks are down.

As part of your emergency plan you will also designate an emergency contact. This is a person outside your immediate family and outside the earthquake area that can be the first point of contact regarding your family. They will receive a notification when an earthquake happens. They will also receive each family member’s location at the time of the earthquake and info around the family’s meet up location.

Warning screen of the EchoQuake Family Finder app

Earthquake Detection Warning

When an earthquake is detected, you and your family members will receive an alert. Your phone will ring, vibrate and flash, overriding any silence setting to make sure you receive the notification. The alert will include a countdown timer specifying the time until the shaking starts, information on the earthquake epicenter and an estimate of the earthquake magnitude.

While you’re moving to a safer spot before the shaking starts, EchoQuake is recording family members’ last known locations. This information, paired with offline stored data, will be used to enact your emergency plan by giving directions from your current location to the emergency meet up location. Your family’s emergency contact will also be notified of the earthquake and will be given information of everyone’s last known location.

Map of family members screen of the EchoQuake Family Finder app

Family Finder

Once the shaking has stopped, the Family Finder app will begin executing your family emergency plan. The last known location of each family member and directions to your meet up location will be displayed on your phone. The Family Finder app uses offline data and your GPS, both of which will work even when mobile networks are down. To help you conserve battery during this critical time, EchoQuake will also power down non-essential apps to extend the life of your phone battery so that you can make it to your meet up location and your awaiting family.

Safety guidebook screen of the EchoQuake Family Finder app

Safety Hand Guide

The offline safety hand guide provides key information on how to survive an earthquake. Included in the guide is information about preparing for an earthquake disaster: securing your home, practicing for an earthquake and creating earthquake preparedness kits. Additionally, there is support information for the post-earthquake destruction, including basic first aid information, offline CPR videos and more.